Welcome to Jeavons Toffee

Handmade confectionery made by a small vegan family company in Brighton.
Lovingly made in small batches to our unique secret recipe, to create the perfect flavour and chew.

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Throughout 2018 we’ve been working hard to be able to make big changes in 2019, and over the next few months we’ll be busy getting our shiny new factory up and running! Finally!
This means big changes for us, which will allow us to make so much more stock, even enough to start selling wholesale to vegan-friendly shops, so our naughty treats could soon be in your local shop.
It might be a bit of a bumpy ride for a few months, and although we want to run our shop as ‘business as usual’, orders may take a little longer to get out to you while we’re also working on the new premises.

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We’re a vegan husband & wife business, and we’ve got a mission:
To provide toffee based treats that are at least as good as the dairy based sweets that we used to love,
and to create our own toffee wonders!

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All Natural Ingredients
No artificial flavourings or Colours
Dairy Free
Gluten Free*

*With the exception of our Malt Lava which has c.60-80ppm of gluten, so cannot be labelled as Gluten Free.


Make no mistake, our confections are high quality hand crafted delicacies, but rather than packaging them up like an exclusive and over-priced ‘Artisan’ or ‘Speciality’ treat, we want our sweets to be like you’d get in a sweet shop, nothing ‘exclusive’, just ‘normal’; because we’re on a mission to make dairy-free confectionery the normal!


That’s a flavour I haven’t tasted in a long time!Elizabeth.

I just tried a Smootch and wow they are amazing.Cheryl.

You would never know the difference!Mat.

I’ve been missing toffee so much!Beki.

Tastes just like dairy toffee. If you did a taste test you couldn’t tell the difference!Debbie.

That’s the best new product at the Brighton VegFest!Sam.

The most realistic ‘alternative’ I’ve had!Sue.

Bravo! Shake my hand good sir!Kate.

Wow! Amazing!Abbi.


We do our best to source the most ethical ingredients, From unrefined fair traded sugars to organic fair trade highest quality extracts. Our chocolate is UTZ accredited for ethical, sustainable farming, and the margarine we use is from an RSPO member leading the way in farming palm responsibly and sustainably.

We only use the best of ingredients to ensure that our toffees aren’t just a great dairy-free ‘alternative’, but are great toffees!